カワセ kawase コットン cotton カーリー curly
15.兵士長からの注文 15.Order From the Head Commander 55.73 11th
16.キャンパーのコタロ 16.Kotaro the Camper 13.90 16th
17.レシピクエスト:魚介スープ 17.Recipe Quest: Seafood Soup 56.30 10th
18.レシピクエスト:チキンスープ 18.Recipe Quest: Chicken Soup 38.55 6th
21.サボタージュ① 21.Sabotage 1 14.40 19th
28.辺境のキャンパー 28.Frontier Camper 1.08.38 10th
35.邂逅・天空城の主 35.Burger Queen 1.45.75 11th
36.死闘! ビッグ・ピッグ 36.Boss Battle: Big Pig 33.46 10th
41.レシピクエスト:フィッシュバーガー 41.Recipe Quest: Fish Burger 1.14.16 7th
42.印の夢 42.A Symbol in a Dream 1.12.36 9th
44.穴の深くまで 44.Deep in the Cavern 1.30.20 12th
45.女王の依頼 45.The Queen's Request 41.86 9th
48.Girl in the ruck. 48.Girl in the Backpack 36.58 12th
49.トクベツな料理 49.The Silvy Special 1.49.81 9th
55.地中から天空へ 55.From the Ground to the Sky 4.27.36 9th
58.花びらに想いをのせて 58.Say It With Flowers 1.02.01 13th
60.招かれざる来訪者 60.Invasion From Below 29.36 8th
62.ただいま亭をめざして 62.Return to Hunnyeim Home 3.47.96 9th
65.穴の底 65.Bottom of the Cavern 50.48 10th
66.サボタージュ③ 66.Sabotage 3 39.86 9th
67.生きた証 67.Proof of Life 1.23.50 6th
70.レシピクエスト:プリン 70.Recipe Quest: Flan 55.70 8th
72.深層部からの依頼 72.The Letter From Beyond 15.56 18th
73.深き穴の奥底へ 73.To the Very Bottom 7.45.41 11th
どんぐりと針 Acorns and Needles 11.55 8th
空の犬 Sky Dog 4.13.13 18th
飛べないカバ Hippos Can't Fly 19.98 15th
どっちも大変! They're Both Hard! 5.27.88 8th 4.13.51 8th
滝のような雨 Rain Like Waterfalls 1.13.81 14th
真夜中の運動会 Midnight Marathon 1.38.50 12th
深夜列車での旅 Midnight Train Adventure 1.49.20 19th
ボス:ハラミ? Boss Battle: Harami? 1.48.58 17th
復刻:初代F42 Classic: Umihara Kawase F42 14.51 14th 1.44.53 11th
復刻:旬F42 Classic: Shun F42 36.63 10th
復刻:さよならF32 Classic: Sayonara F32 23.90 19th
c05.地を駆けるコットン c05.Cotton Underground 2.49.20 10th
{02.あなたがカワセ? 1 {02.Are You Kawase? Part 1 48.56 7th
{05.壁の中の戦い {05.Battle in the Walls 1.07.18 7th
{06.親しき仲にもXXあり {06.A Deeper Mystery 1.11.03 7th
{07.あんたは!・・・え、誰? {07.You're... WHO? 40.13 19th
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